Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vector on the Behance Network

Vector on the Behance Network

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  1. Dear Eunice,

    I’m contacting you to ask for your blessings in the showcase of your piece

    “Don't Touch Me Not”

    Here is what I humbly offer in exchange for your blessing:
    1) The name of your piece and your Deviant ID on the video credits
    2) Your piece listed in the order of its appearance on the Youtube description (with your Deviant ID)
    3) A link from the Youtube description to a gallery posted on my Facebook page where fans can “Like” – “comment” on your full-sized piece as well as follow a direct link to your Deviant page or website.
    4) An opportunity to collaborate on a future music video where I will send you the song ahead of time in hopes that it will inspire you create another moving piece
    5) The right and permission to use ANY of my songs (while I am independent) on any videos you create to showcase your music, on your website or for any non-commercial purpose
    6) An equal split of any “youtube” royalties should Youtube offer ad dollars (split 53 ways between 51 artists, myself and my song collaborator)

    Either way, I offer you a HUGE thank you for your time and an immeasurable amount of respect for your talent.
    Here are the links for you to follow:

    “Don’t Touch Me” Music Video

    Facebook Artist Gallery
    If you don’t mind; please send me your regular email address and I will file it to make any further correspondence easier for both of us.

    It would mean so much to me to have your blessing. How do you feel?


    Rachel Lynn Sebastian