Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Russell's Facial Expressions :)


Alex Woo :)

My ultimate crush and purely an inspiration :)

with Ronnie del Carmen :)

Ronnie del Carmen is AWESOME, ....
but Alex Woo is PURELY AMAZING, for me :D :P

Ratatouille :)

"Ratatouille"-- I remember the assigned part given to Alex Woo in Ratatouille. :) Where he showed a preview of his animatics during CGO. :) He gave more emphasis on the POV of Linguini than Remy :)

Scene 6-Hippie :) (For my2D Basic Class)

For 2D Basic :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010


haha. just did this during my COLREND class last term :)
Still needs PRACTICE! :D

Something I drew when boredom strikes while watching the speaker in CGO used the Skype for Q&A.

Here are the two guys that were asked for Q&A: :) The first one with the beard was more friendly :)

This person with the glasses was the speaker. :) There's nothing really to talk about though, that's why it's boring.Atleast, something related for Q&A :)

Some Stuff drawin on the Guh Gum Boy Animation :)

decided to post up these drawings :P

Some of my drawings on my moleskin :)
and Ronnie del Carmen wrote on it!! How cool is that :D :)

Reminisce. :)

Posting up memories. :D From past to present. hahah :)

Day 1.

I like drawing Anime BEFORE. But now, I hate it.
I don not fancy Anime much.
Except watching Hayao Miyazaki Films of course :) hehehe. :P
This was like 4 years ago? :) I forgot. :|

This was a Rurouni Kenshin Anime :P

Friday, June 25, 2010


First Blog Post! :D

Heheh. I decided to create a blog for myself. :)
Aside from using Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter :D

Maybe I will use this blog whenever I am bored. wahahah :)

I will STALK you! HEHEH. :D

I posted up a picture of Toy Story 3, because it was PURELY AWESOME!
I watched it twice. One on the internet, and the other on the moviehouse. I will assure you, that you will shed to tears! or may even touch your heart, atleast ;) :D