Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ratatouille :)

"Ratatouille"-- I remember the assigned part given to Alex Woo in Ratatouille. :) Where he showed a preview of his animatics during CGO. :) He gave more emphasis on the POV of Linguini than Remy :)

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  1. **On the first photo, he asked us, what could you picture from that scene?? (as he was reading the script from that scene). And someone responded that there will be a full shot for the restaurant itself. Anyway, I missed some of his discussions about that scene because I accompanied my friend in the bathroom. :|

    So when I got there, they are talking about the emotional stuff going on about Linguni. :P

    **On the third photo, in Alex Woo’s animatics, he focused on the emotions Linguini will get when Colette was reading the recipe. Unfortunately, failed to be seen on the movie itself. but it was still ok :)